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Current People


Dr. Daisuke Kihara [CV (Jan 2019)] [Research Summary (2012) ] email


Woong-Hee Shin shin183
Genki Terashi gterashi

Graduate Students

Eman Alnabati CS ealnabat
Tunde Aderinwale CS taderinw
Charles Christoffer CS christ35
Ziyun Ding PULSe ding48
Xusi Han PULSe han273
Aashish Jain CS jain163
Lyman Monroe Biol lmonroe
Sai Raghavendra Maddhuri Venkata Subramaniya CS smaddhur
Xiao Wang CS wang3702
Tong Qi Stat (independent study) tqi

Visiting Professor

Saeed Salem North Dakota State University, CS
Kujin Kim Kyungpook National University, CS & Engineering

Visiting Scholar

Jackie Huang

Undergraduate Students

Yibin Wu CS
Shobhit Makhija CS
Nikita Rajaneesh CS
Shantanu Nair CS
Vidhur Karthik Kumar CS
Matin Hormati CS
Adil Uddin khan Bozai CS
Aung Kaung Myat CS
Qifen Chen CS
Hareesh Gali CS
Govind Girish CS
Aditi Acharya CS
Maxwell E. Shramuk Bio

Former Members


Robert Elston Professor, Dept. of Epidemiology & Biostatistics,Case Western Reserve University, OH
Changdeng Hu Associate Professor, Purdue University, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Michal Jamroz Researcher, Warsaw University, Faculty of Chemistry, Poland
Markus Lill Associate Professor, Purdue University, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Changsoon Park Professor, Dept. of Statistics,Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea
Chiwook Park Associate Professor, Purdue University, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Catherine Rayon Professor, Department of Biology, Universite de Picardie Jules Verne, France
Atilla Sit Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Kentucky
Daniel Syzmanski Professor, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University
Andy W. Tao Professor, Purdue University, Department of Biochemistry
Sungho Won Assistant Professor, Gradudate School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Daoguo Zhou Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University
Xiaolei Zhu Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences, Anhui University


Postdoctoral Positions

Qualified candidates should hold a PhD in Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Doctor of Engineering, or in a related field. The primary area sought is protein tertiary structure modeling & prediction, protein docking, and protein global/local shape comparison and search. Experience in electron microscopy or tomography data analysis, and 3D shape retrieval are plus. Fluent programming skill and good communication skills are essential. Highly motivated and creative candidates with a strong record of publication are encouraged to apply. Send curriculum vitae and contact information of three references to: . Postal mail should be sent to: Dr. Daisuke Kihara, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, Hockmyer Hall of Structural Biology, 249 S. Martin Jischke Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907.

Graduate students

Highly motivated graduate students in the departments of computer science, biological sciences, PULSe program at Purdue are encouraged to contact Dr. Kihara. Available projects include protein 3D shape comparison, docking, 3D structure prediction, function prediction, and DNA sequence analyses (motif search, small RNA detection). Please note that usually research assistantship is only offered after working at least one semester as an independent study to prove productivy. Previous experience in bioinformatics is desirable but not necessary. Programming skill is not a requirement at the beginning if you are not CS major as long as you are eager to learn it in the first year.

Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in computational work in biology, you are almost always welcome to our group. We have worked with over twenty undergraduate students, and have a good record of scientific achievments with them, including publishing full research papers, research presentation in conferences, entering graduate programs. Feel free to contact Dr. Kihara.

Summer internship with pay

Not offered.

Recent News

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  • 1 postdoc position is available. Please see here


Kihara Bioinformatics Laboratory is always looking for new people to join the lab. Our current list of openings is available here.